September 15, 2008

Footnote Pages

It's been great to see people using the new Footnote Pages since the launch of the beta version last week. The feedback we've received so far has also been great. We hope see more of both in the future.

Here are a few Pages people have been working on:
Fairy A Spurrier
Henry Mellem
Jimmy Stewart

In addition to the Pages for people, you can create a Page for an event, a place, an organization or another topic.

Clio, our history maven, has been busily making pages for some of the events in the timeline. Here are a couple of examples:
Vietnam War
Brown vs. Board of Education

We hope that everyone will continue to use these Pages and send us your feedback so we can continue to improve them.

September 10, 2008

Footnote at TechCrunch50

A new feature that we've been working on at Footnote was accepted as a finalist in this year's TechCruch50 conference. CEO Russ Wilding will be presenting the feature sometime after 2:15 Pacific Time today.

During the presentation we'll update the homepage with a link to the new feature.

Here's the video stream for the conference: [removed since the video stream is over]

September 4, 2008

Gallery of Quilts

Footnote Member sharonquilts is using a Footnote Story Page to create an on online gallery for master quilter Sharon Greathouse of Richwood, WV.

Here's the page and here's a sample quilt block:
American Eagle Quilt Block Made by Sharon Greathouse of Richwood, WV

The long necked eagle looks like many found in US letter head and stamps, like this one from an 1839 passport application:
US Department of State Logo From 1839

You'll find more eagle images on this Story Page by burnsfamily.