January 7, 2009

The Battleship Potemkin at Odessa

The other day, while looking through some newspapers, I came across a few interesting articles related to the Russian battleship Kniaz Potemkin.

This one from The Atlanta Constitution has a great info graphic with the story:
Battleship Potempkin Illustrated - Atlanta Constitution 4 July 1905

Here's an illustrated story from The Chicago Tribune:
Battleship Potempkin Illustrated - Chicago Tribune 29 June 1905

And here's a story with a report from the Ukrainian city of Odessa:
Onsight Reporting from Odessa, Ukraine as Battleship Potemkin Approaches

I started a Footnote Event Page about the Potemkin incident and added these documents to it. I'll add some details to the timeline soon.

If you are interested in the Potemkin and would like to add to the page, please do.