June 8, 2009

Hitler in Color

Life just released a collection of Nazi era color photos from Germany.
"Between 1936 and 1945, German photographer Hugo Jaeger was granted unprecedented access to Adolf Hitler, traveling and chronicling, in color, the Fuhrer and his confidants at small gatherings, public events, and, quite often, in private moments. Here, and in several other galleries on LIFE, we now present never-before-published photographs from Jaeger's astonishing -- and chilling -- collection."

Here's one of the collections (you can click to see larger images):

The intimacy of some of the photos--and the addition of color--add an immediacy and an every day feeling that is sometimes missing from the more common black and white, propaganda photos you often see.

This collection, "Adolf Hitler's Private World," includes pictures from inside Hitler's apartments and offices and a picture of a watercolor he painted.

This one, "Hitler Among the Crowds," includes pictures from rallies and other gatherings.

And "Hitler's Humble Beginnings" has pictures of places from Hitler's early life.

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