September 29, 2009

Digital Holocaust Collection

Today, Footnote, the National Archives and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum announced the release of an Interactive Digital Holocaust Collection. You can read a press release about it here.

Original historical documents from the National Archives include:
  • Concentration camp registers and documents from Dachau, Mauthausen, Auschwitz, and Flossenburg.
  • The "Ardelia Hall Collection" of records relating to the Nazi looting of Jewish possessions, including looted art.
  • Captured German records including deportation and death lists from concentration camps.
  • Nuremberg War Crimes Trial proceedings.
You can get to these collections through this page. Footnote is still working to digitize many of these records, but there are already 500,000 images available.

The collection also includes Footnote Pages created for over 600 people who survived or perished in the Holocaust with stories and photos provided by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and Pages for each of the major concentration camps of the Holocaust. You can add your own stories, photos links, comments and more to these pages or create a page of your own.

Here's an example Page where I transcribed a 7 May 1945 letter written by Private First Class Harold Porter to his parents from the Dachau concentration camp. Porter describes in detail what he saw upon entering the camp.

Dachau gates.jpg

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