October 19, 2009

Photos from the Coolidge Years

One of the fun things about Footnote is finding something interesting in a collection and then just getting lost in surrounding or related documents.

The other night, I got into the Calvin Coolidge photos and used the filmstrip at the bottom of the viewer to browse around.

The Coolidge photos were scanned from microfilm, which gives many of the images a striking, high contrast look which seems appropriate for this shot of Cecil B Demille working on his 1923 silent film, The Ten Commandments:
Cecil B Demille instructs Ramses (Charles de Rochefort) and Moses (Theodore Roberts)

Here are a few other interesting photos I came across.
A cheerful greeting from President Calvin Coolidge

Secretary of Agriculture Henry Cantwell Wallace in Chicago with "the champion canning club team"

President Coolidge as Chief Leading Eagle after being adopted as the first white chief of the Sioux Tribe

Major General James G Harbord and Brigadier General Charles G Dawes "deliver the goods" in Paris

Former President Coolidge, gone fishin'

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