December 3, 2009

UFO Sightings

Today's Document of the Day from NARA is UFO report from the Project Blue Book files.

Here's the image on Footnote where you'll find the other 31 pages of the report:
Page 5; Project Blue Book, 1947-1969

Project Blue Book is full of interesting and mundane reports. Names of people reporting the sightings have been redacted, so you aren't likely to find out if your mother reported a flying saucer, but it's interesting to see the kinds of things that were reported, the way the government collected the data and in many cases, the way they explained the various sightings.

Here are a few other interesting reports from Project Blue Book.

A first hand report of the Flat Woods Monster,
Page 17; Project Blue Book, 1947-1969

A "Special Report on Conferences with Astronomers on Unidentified Aerial Objects,"
Page 39; Project Blue Book, 1947-1969

And the occasional picture of an unidentified flying object:
new york agosto 67

UFO or Photographic anomaly?

I don't know that you'll find proof of alien life in Project Blue Book, but looking for it can be a lot of fun.

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